Alpha Title & Closing is a full service real estate title and closing firm that offers the very finest in title examination, issuance of title insurance, settlements and associated services. We have over 30 years of experience and have developed a reputation for service above and beyond the norm.

We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, personalized service and attention. Our practice of completing all of our work as soon as possible,  allows you to come to the settlement table with complete peace of mind.

Most homeowners and soon-to-be-homeowners have been led to believe that it is in their best interests not to hire a lawyer to represent them in the home buying/selling process. The law firm or closing attorney represents the lender, even if they are hired by the real estate agent or any other party in the transaction. We, at Alpha Title & Closing, are there from the beginning to guide you through the process and we represent your interests. Our independent lawyers close the transaction and therefore we are able to ensure the buyer/borrower’s best interest.

Buying and selling a home is the most important and complicated financial decision that many people make in their lifetime. In any residential real estate deal, both buyers and sellers must review many complex papers, including legally binding documents that require signature. Many homeowners do not understand the contract that they sign with their realtors, the real estate contract, promissory note, security deed, good faith estimate, HUD Settlement Statement, title insurance policy and other related documents to the transaction. As a result, homeowners are unable to adequately protect themselves in the home buying or borrowing process and over spend thousands of dollars in financing without even knowing it.

Title insurance provides protection for your residence, protecting it against attempts to make legal claims against your property. You may never need to file a claim, but if you do, title insurance will help protect your investment while saving you from potential legal expenses to defend your claim.

Title Insurance protects you against the possible defects in title documents and potential legal challenges to your ownership. When challenges are made or defects are found, title insurance is one of your best forms of protection, a one-time premium protects you not only during the time you own the property but forever. Title defects include things such as:

– Forgery
– Fraud in connection with execution of documents
– False impersonation by those purporting to be owners of property
– Undisclosed or missing heirs
– Wills not properly probated
– Mistaken interpretation of wills and trusts
– Inadequate surveys
– Incorrect legal descriptions
– Non-delivery of deeds
– Unsatisfied claims not shown on record
– Inaccurately executed and/or recorded deeds
– Incorrect indexing
– Clerical errors in recording legal documents

You may even want choose one or more of the exclusive partners of Alpha Title & Closing that will allow you to put more money into your investment. We have teamed up with real estate agents, lenders, insurance companies and many others that are all part and parcel of a real estate transaction.

At Alpha Title & Closing we can help you build that security fence around your home. Call or email us today to talk to one of our professionals today about the purchase, sale or refinance of your home.